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A Conservative, Business Approach

Dear Fellow Republican,

As a child, I always wanted to build things. Now after decades as a professional architect and small businessman, I want to build a winning coalition of local conservatives to win a seat in the State House. Together, we can provide some local, common-sense conservative leadership there.

My profession as a small family businessman has taught me the value of working well with others. Unfortunately, the SC State House does not work that way now. Quite frankly, it is a mess.

Every spring we hear outrageous stories of certain State House members wanting to grandstand, leading to cringe-worthy internet videos of their unruly and disrespectful behavior. They do this to try and bring more attention to themselves and not to actually advance good conservative policy.

We need a leader who can get things done for Anderson County families, small businesses, and our whole community.

That is why I’m running for State House in the upcoming June 14th Republican primary: to be a positive, conservative advocate for all the citizens of this district.

My business designs and builds complex residential and commercial projects locally that are specialized to fit a family or a company’s needs. In the same way, this district’s leadership in Columbia should tirelessly advocate for what specifically benefits our families and local businesses.

My blueprint for success in Columbia comes from my own family business background and experiences:

  1. Provide consistent, conservative leadership that puts God first and foremost.

  2. Appreciate the power of building winning coalitions to advance positive economic impacts for this community.

  3. Work to improve quality of life and provide public safety WITHOUT raising taxes.

I am pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-business. You deserve a conservative State Representative who will work with you to get real results and find better solutions to the problems we face every day.

It is time we had leaders fighting for solutions instead of just fighting for attention.

I look forward to seeing each of you on the campaign trail these next several months and earning your vote.

Thank you in advance!

Don Chapman

Republican for S.C. State House

District 8

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