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My Values

A conservative approach to leadership based on my faith, freedom, and hard work.

Often, I’m asked how I plan to be successful in Columbia and I respond with this quote…

All of these were instilled in me early on from my parents and I have applied them throughout my entire life… especially in my marriage, my business, and in service to others.

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character,  integrity, faith, love, and loyalty.” 

—Zig Ziglar


My Christian values continue to drive me to be a positive leader in my family, friendships, work, and community. I was a member at Trinity United Methodist Church in Anderson since 1971 where I was an Acolyte in my youth.  Amy and I were baptized together prior to our marriage in 1995.  God has blessed us with a faithful and supportive marriage for 28 incredible years. I have always been called to be a servant to others which is why I am a passionate volunteer who has been helping others in Anderson-area organizations throughout my entire life.  Beginning at the age of 14 when I joined my siblings on the Anderson Rescue Squad.  Lastly, my faith compels me to be the kind of leader who advocates for those who do not have a voice, including the unborn.  Amy & I attend Oakdale Baptist Church in Townville.


My parents instilled great patriotism in me. My dad was a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, and my mom was a loving  stay-at-home mother to my four siblings and myself. As a legislator, I know I make my parents proud by supporting our constitutional rights. The right to bear arms is very important to me as a CWP holder and lifetime NRA member. Because I was raised to love my country, I am respectful and appreciative of our military and law enforcement officers. Since these men and women have dedicated their lives to ensuring our safety, I will dedicate my legislative career to making sure they have the resources they need, just as I did during my three and a half terms on Anderson City Council.

Hard work:

In 1984, I left my parents' home with $600 to my name to pursue my goals and dreams. After lots of prayers, support from friends, long nights, and discipline, I funded my own studies and earned two college degrees. My drive eventually led me to found two companies that have employed more than 50 personnel. This hard work has taught me far more lessons than I have space to list, but all these lessons have shaped the man, employer, and community leader I have become. I lead with empathy and compassion because I have been in the shoes of the working student as well as the entrepreneur who is just struggling to be successful.

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