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Key Issues

Pro-Life. Pro-Gun. Pro-Freedom. 


I'll always protect the commonsense, conservative values of the people of District 8. Together, I want to build a winning coalition of local conservatives to win a seat in the State House. 

Endorsed by the NRA!

Prioritize Public Safety

Making sure you are safe in your home and business is the reason I believe public safety is a top priority. I will advocate for our law enforcement, fire fighters, and other first responders. We will find solutions without raising taxes.

Fix Our Roads & Bridges

I'll fight hard to ensure this critical infrastructure is a priority. Anderson County, you deserve safer roads that aren't cluttered with bad traffic and dangerous accidents. Our state must do better!

Reduce Wasteful Spending

In a time of inflation and high gas prices, there’s no room in your wallet for funding state leaders’ special interests. I will make sure your tax dollars are used wisely.

Stop Tax Hikes

In my fourteen years on City Council, I never voted to raise your taxes. Anderson County, you can expect the same commitment from me as State Representative.

Preserve Lake Living

As State Representative, I will protect and invest in Lake Hartwell’s water quality, natural areas, and parks. Our district can lead the way in creating recreational activities for all residents to enjoy.

Attract Economic Development

I plan to enhance and beautify interstate exits to draw new businesses and interest to our district. This, when combined with good conservative policy, will lead to more jobs and opportunities for the people of District 8.

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